Safety and Sanitation Plan

Safety First


If you experiences symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive after visiting us, please notify us immediately. All players and teams in that league will be notified. The person who tests positive will not be allowed to return until cleared by their physician. If we discover additional cases or signs of spread amongst your league before your next game, we will notify you of additional steps or measures that we are taking. To report a positive COVID-19 test or symptoms, please contact us at or text us at 314-207-5331.

Our SAFETY guidelines

– Practicing social distancing in public settings – maintaining a 6-foot distance from others and avoiding large group settings.

– Players are discouraged from touching their face, but hand sanitizer is always available for times when they need to

– No contact at all including no high fives, fist bumps or post-game handshakes

– Players are encouraged to tip their hat, give a thumbs up or round of applause as a way to thank the other team for a great game

– Staff will re-sanitize all surfaces and equipment in between games and matches

What's in the box?

sanitation kits

Sanitation Kit will be prepared and available at all games, matches, and rounds. The following items will be included in every kit for every location. For players and staff.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • One at the staging area and one per dugout/court/field
  • Masks
    • Recommended but not required to enter</span
    • Staff required to wear
    • Available for purchase upon request
  • Spray disinfectant for surfaces and equipment

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